“Where Do We Come From?” by Chase King and “A Slice of the Pop Culture Pie” By Jim Wakeman

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Category: General “Where Do We Come From?” by Chase King and “A Slice of the Pop Culture Pie” By Jim Wakeman

January 10, 2020

Through the series entitled, “Where Do We Come From?,” Chase King explores memory, imagination and existence to offer a contemporary response to Paul Gauguin’s painting, Where Do We Come From? Who are we? Where Are We Going? Using an intuitive painting process, Chase provides a compass of orchid leaves and fauna to help the viewer navigate this origin concept more confidently. He offers imagery as a means to explore personal experiences through a chain of events, stories, and myths. Allowing patterns to unfold, his creative process investigates the mysteries of life and understanding, finding and illuminating what is hidden to produce thoughtful answers to the eternal question of beginning for the viewer.

King received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University. His work has been exhibited extensively in Georgia, and throughout the Unites States in solo, group, invitational and juried shows. He was most recently included in exhibitions at The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, Red Arrow Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, Future Gallery and Westside Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta, and The Elkor Art Gallery in Riga, Latvia. His art is held in many private collections of note and several public collections.

In the series, “A Slice of the Pop Culture Pie,” Jim Wakeman cites many influences that spark his artistic imagination. He blends his interests in American history, popular culture, comic books, vintage pulp, science fiction, national lampoon magazine, late 20th century comedy, pop art and surrealism to produce unexpected images. His work springs from his imagination in such a manner that there is no language to articulate his thoughts. The mental connection each viewer creates with the images presented offers the best interpretation of his art. The deeper meaning, the determination of significance is for the viewer to decide.

Wakeman is originally from Schenectady, New York, and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the State University of New York at Albany. His works have been exhibited widely across the Atlanta area, in The November show curated by the Whitney museum and in the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Most recently, Wakeman’s work was selected into a Callanwolde Fine Arts Center juried exhibition.

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