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November Show Opening

November 15, 2019

378 Gallery presents the November Exhibition opening Friday, November 15, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., featuring works in series by three artists: Recumbent Landscapes by Deborah Heidel; Long Division by Pat Borow, and Grays Anatomy Sketchbook by Sarah Byrd.

Recumbent Landscapes by Deborah Heidel

The reclining female nude serves as the landscape, the ground, in this series of recumbent figures, playing on how artistic images of figures and ground are viewed and signaling similarities of the treatment of female bodies and the treatment of the land. A basket weave pattern is featured, echoing plowed fields from the air and as a symbol for earth, the ground. On close inspection newsprint real estate ads are visible, suggesting the claim of the land and figure as property to be bought and sold. Railroad lines, roads, electric towers, built forms, trash, and gaping holes on the figures symbolize human marks on the land. The sky and weather report images represent the unconquerable, which is changing due to human actions. Transformation of land is viewed as human success, but the works ask the viewer to consider the price of success.

Heidel earned a bachelor of environmental design in architecture at North Carolina State University and a master of architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has worked as a professional architect and as a teacher all while maintaining a steady dedication to producing works of fine art. Her artwork has been shown in Atlanta at Barbara Archer Gallery, David Reed Gallery, Swan Coach House, Seven Stages Theater, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, and the Arts Exchange, and in New York at Artists Space and New York University.

Grays Anatomy Sketchbook by Sarah Byrd

Inspired to master anatomical drawing, Byrd worked with a Grays Anatomy facsimile and absorbent ground and watercolor on non-traditional surfaces, turning her copy of the book into a watercolor-worthy sketchbook. As her sketches developed, the artist’s curiosity of historical figures and word origins led to a blending of her own sketches with drawings from the book and notions from zoology, history, and myth.

A Decatur native, Byrd is a constant creative dedicated to the daily practice of making art, sketching with pen, graphite, and watercolor from life, photography, and the absurdities in her imagination. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at Agnes Scott College, and has since cared for exotic animals in a zoological setting before becoming an animal husbandry consultant to local families.

Long Division by Pat Borow

The long scroll like works in this series of acrylic and watercolor on paper represent, to Borow, symbols of division reflecting the times in which we live. The edges of lines reveal a frayed unraveling, which will eventually unwind. Human figures are introduced representing abstractions of a rebirth, a dawning of cautious, very cautious, optimism in our time.

Borow graduated from UCLA, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology specializing in perception and has worked in the music and film and home entertainment industries in Los Angeles. She studied at the Atlanta College of Art and Callanwolde, pursuing her interest in visual and olfactory art. Borow has been active with Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery in Atlanta, and Norton Arts Center in Hapeville and has shown her work in solo and group exhibits at Norton Arts Center, Lydon House; Whitespace Gallery; Sycamore Place Gallery; and EBD4.

The November Exhibition opens on Friday, November 15 and runs through Saturday, November 30.


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