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March 27, 2020 March 28, 2020

378 Gallery presents Analogue, opening Friday, March 6, from 6 p.m. to
10 p.m., featuring works in series by five artists: Garrett O. Hansen, Forest Kelley, Jason Kofke, Talia Moscovitz, and Christina Price Washington. Analogue was curated by Talia Moscovitz.

Garrett O. Hansen’s Partner & Passage series of diptychs, presented as adjoining negatives with visible sprockets, are drawn from over ten years of negatives. In these diptychs Hansen explores the relationship between himself and his long-term partner through time and physical connection. Hansen describes this intimate series as a meditation on the space that necessarily exists between people, places, and time.

Garret O. Hansen has taught at several universities in the United States and in Asia; he is now an Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Kentucky. Hansen has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Indonesia, and Japan.

In the series Michael, artist Forest Kelley seeks to reclaim erased LGBTQ histories by elevating the real-life forgotten experiences of his uncle, an artist who lived and worked in an isolated community of gay men in rural Massachusetts during the time between the Stone Wall Uprising of 1969 and his sudden death in 1985 at the height of the AIDS epidemic. In the pieces chosen for the Analogue exhibition, Kelley creates a cinematic experience for the viewer by enlarging Michael’s personal 8 mm films and printing excerpts from them with visible sprockets to contextualize the movie stills as evidence of a life lived.

Forest Kelley is an Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Kentucky. Kelley has exhibited at galleries including Clamp Art, 1708 Gallery, SF Camerawork, and the Rotterdam Photo Festival, and received the 2020 Image-maker Award by the Society for Photographic Education.

Jason Kofke exhibits work from two of his personal, long-term projects in the Analogue exhibition. In a collection of Polaroid instant photographs, which he describes as time preserved; the moment made material in the present, he deploys two adjacent Polaroid cameras to synchronously capture a panorama of a place and a moment in time. In his second series, Kofke shows selections from his Photogravure series, created by a delicate process of chemical and light exposure to copper metal plates. Images taken from his late father’s vast collection of Kodachrome photographs are presented on the highly reflective copper, giving them an almost golden glow which appears to produce its own light.”

Jason Kofke currently teaches at SCAD Atlanta and is a recipient of the 2015 Atlanta ELEVATE Award, the 2011 Artadia Grant and 2009 Idea Capital Grant. Kofke has exhibited widely both in the United States and internationally, including at the A4 Center for Contemporary Asian Art in Sydney, Australia; the HIGH Museum of Art; the Telfair Museum, Curious Matter Gallery; FLUX projects, the Kai Lin Gallery, the Elizabeth Foundation, and the FUSE Gallery among others.

Talia Moscovitz is both the curator and an exhibiting artist for Analogue. The Warped series is a collection of scanned color 35 mm slides from the 1970s found in rotting boxes after her mother’s death from Alzheimers in 2014. The images, badly deteriorated due to mold damage, appear as if they have been recalled from the recesses of memory, remnant recordings of the fading burns of a personal vision as seen from behind closed eyes. These photographs are alive in that they are dying, like all of us.

Talia Moscovitz is a photographic curator and artist. Moscovitz holds an MFA in Visual Culture from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and has exhibited in Ireland, Scotland and Norway. She has worked extensively in Europe with the Irish Gallery of Photography, the British Film Institute, FRIEZE London and New York art fairs, the ICA London, and Magnum Photos.

Christina Price Washington engages with the cannon of photographic structures and theory by examining the tension between the analogue and the digital. Price Washington’s series White Balance is a site-specific project created at the Swan House Mansion, formerly the Inman estate, which is now part of the Atlanta History Center. In this series, Price Washington explores how the evaluation of color and light value has changed throughout history by combining the digital algorithm that determines ‘white balance’ within modern cameras with Ansel Adams’ Zone System.

Christina Price Washington currently teaches photography at Georgia State University and was named one of the ‘Rising Movers and Shakers of the Georgia Arts Scene’ in 2011 by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia, and her work has been featured in the publications Burnaway, Photograph, Creative Loafing, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The Analogue exhibition opens on Friday, March 6 and runs through Saturday, March 28.

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