CLOSE TO HOME 9/3 – 9/25

378 Gallery presents the September exhibition, Close to Home, beginning Friday, September 3 running through Saturday, September 25. There will be an opening event outside the gallery in the 378 Gallery reception patio on Friday, September 3 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Close to home is a group exhibition featuring works by the following photographers who were invited to their present work by Bill Gillespie:
Jim Alexander; John Dean; James Farmer; Bill Gillespie; Frank Hunter; Manuel Llaneras; Stephen May; Kelly Mills; Cindy Reno; Teresa Sims; Michael Turner; Ilia Varcev; Larry Wilson

The images these artists created were made during the historic Covid 19 lockdown of 2020 and its aftermath. The artists, all experienced photographers, examined their personal working concepts of photography in the limited lockdown environment in which we all existed during those months of quarantine and imposed constraint. All of the photographers were close to home in diverse places; James Farmer in France, Cindy Reno in Florida, Michael Turner in Savannah and Frank Hunter in Santa Fe. Wherever they found themselves, their subjects existed in their immediate environment. Each photographer was asked by Bill Gillespie to self-curate images to express their work during this unprecedented time, offering a window into the worlds of isolation and reflection they inhabited.

Bill Gillespie was an owner of The Photography Center of Atlanta, who curated many exhibitions in that space on Cheshire Bridge Road.  With a philosophy that the experience of seeing is what makes the photographic pursuits worthwhile, his hope with this show, even with a restricted variety of experiences, is that the art of seeing will come through in the images.